injector nozzle

injector nozzle
сопло форсунки, распылитель форсунки
* * *
распылитель форсунки
сопло форсунки

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  • injector nozzle — The tip of the injector, either of multi hole design for direct injection or pintle design for indirect injection. Also see fuel injector nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • fuel injector nozzle — The device that works like a hypodermic needle to inject the proper amount of fuel into the combustion chamber in response to signals from an electronic sensing device on cars with fuel injection systems. It receive fuel at low pressure and shoot …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • injector — Refers to the pump system (used in a fuel injection system) that squirts or injects a measured amount of gasoline into the intake manifold in the vicinity of the intake valve. In the diesel engine fuel is injected directly into the cylinder. In a …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • nozzle — A thin hollow tube; a jet or hole at the end of a pipe. See fuel injector nozzle injector nozzle main mixture discharge nozzle multi hole nozzle pintaux nozzle pintle nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Injector — An injector, ejector, steam ejector or steam injector is a pump like device that uses the Venturi effect of a converging diverging nozzle to convert the pressure energy of a motive fluid to velocity energy which creates a low pressure zone that… …   Wikipedia

  • injector opening pressure — The point at which injection pump fuel pressure overcomes nozzle valve spring resistance, or combustion chamber pressure, so that fuel is injected into the pre combustion chamber …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Unit Injector — (abbrev. UI) is a diesel engine fuel injection system, combining the injection pump and the injector nozzle in a single component, which is (usually) driven by the engine camshaft.HistoryUnit Injector systems were commonly associated as Detroit… …   Wikipedia

  • fuel injector — [1] An injector in a fuel injection system which sprays gasoline into the inlet ports, or diesel either directly into the combustion chamber or into a pre chamber. [2] In all fuel injection system (except Bosch CIS, CIS/Lambda, and CIS E systems) …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • multi-hole nozzle — A two hole, three hole, or four hole injector nozzle in a direct injection engine. Also see pintle nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • fuel injector valve — See fuel injector nozzle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • pintaux nozzle — A pintle type diesel fuel injector nozzle with a hole in the side through which a very small amount of fuel is sprayed when the needle valve is partly opened at low pressure, before the main hole comes into use …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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